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Monadnock Digital Editions

Monadnock Digital Editions is the studio's modern photographic printmaking workshop. It employes the latest digital printing technologies. Archival pigment inks, archival papers, and a calibrated workflow esure high quality, long lasting prints. Services includ scanning, digital file optimization, image editing (mastering), color modulated hestone black and white printing, color printing, mounting, matting and framing.

Thomas Easop's personal photographic work encompasses landscapes, seascapes, portraits, urban scenes and underwater images. Work within these categories are contained in several portfolios of related images, each with its own theme and statement, as well as many individual unique images.

Fine prints are available in four sizes. Some images are also available as Conversation prints, as are additional historic images from collections gathered for some projects, especially The Guns and Armour of Scapa Flow.

The portfolios are not available for online viewing yet, Adobe PDFs are available by email. Just five us a call or fill in the form on our Contacts Page